Partners hosting conditions

Partners hosting conditions of a region on a FrancoGrid's server

In the case where a partner would like to subscribe to a hosting offer on a FrancoGrid's server, the following conditions would apply :

The FrancoGrid association engages itself to : 

  • Provide a hosting on a server of the association containing :
  • a 256mx256m region hosted on a mutualized server for purposes of laboratory or project workshop et not a final product.
  • a system OSMW (OpenSim Manager Web) or DOSM (Drupal OpenSim Manager) to manage the backups of the regions in the OAR format downloadable by the user under his responsability.

The partner engages itself to : 

  • Pay the amount of 90 euros for a civil year following the payment modalities available on this web page.
  • Respect and make respect the TOS on his region.

The implementation of the region will be effective with the full reception of the payment.

Duration : 

  • The duration of this hosting begins the day of the acceptation of the request and achieves without formalities the day after the last day of the civil year (31st of December).

This type of hosting is strictly reserved to the active partners that are requesting it.