Common problems


I have not received the confirmation email.

Some email hosting companies (like Microsoft, outlook, msn, live) have banned our server address (maybe because of the previous owner). We have made a request to unban us that was received but some issues may persist.

Check your spam/junk inbox and if you still receive nothing, create another account with another email address or contact our webmaster using ou contact form.

You can request the resend of the email using the "lost password" form.

I have deleted the confirmation email or i have not finished the process.

The confirmation email is valuable only one time and during a pre defined period. In case of issue, you can request another one using the "lost password" form.

The confirmation email link is asking me to enter a password that i do not have.

The link is asking to enter the password that will be used by the new account.

Web site

I am not able to connect on the website.

Check that the user name and password are the good ones (the user name is the one of the avatar using firstname and lastname separated by a space).

You can request a new password using the "lost password" form.

The website is asking me to enter a password when i want to change the password.

This is a protection to forbid someone else who is having access to your computer to change it at your place.

If you do not remember your password, log out from the website and (using the logout button at the top right of the screen) and then request a new password using the "lost password" form.


I can not connect on the grid.

There can be several reasons :

  • the user name and password are not good :
    check them on the website
  • the last visited region is not online :
    select another start region from the login page of the viewer (or select "home")
  • the grid is in maintenance mode :
    this is really rare but this can happen (check the "infos" page of the website)

On my very first connexion, i have an image in front of me with squares containing arrows 'precedent, suivant, détacher...' and it stays fixed even when i move my avatar.

This is the old learning system that is not used anymore (it is now on the website documentation)

Make a right click on the centered image (that will make a circular menu appear) and then click on "detach".

My avatar is not appearing (it stays as a cloud or is all grey or white)

If it not dissapearing after few seconds, either your connexion is very slow, either there is an issue with the viewer.

See how to clear the viewer cache.

I do not have voice (or groups or search)

The voice and groups and search are configured on the simulator level. If the region (the simulator where the region is) is not managed by FrancoGrid itself, there may be misconfigured.

Go to a FrancoGrid managed region to check ("Accueil FrancoGrid", "Avatar", "levillage", "hypergrid"...).

I am not able to teleport myself (with or without hypergrid)

Even the destination region is offline, even see the answer to the previous question.

I can not empty my trash inworld

It is impossible to empty its inworld trash using a viewer. To do it, you need to connect on the website and use the empty trash button that is in your user profile.

I can not define a "home" region

It is impossible to define a "home" region using the viewer. To do it, you need to connect on the website and use the form that is inside your website inworld profile manager.