Connexion steps

Create an account on the website

To create an account, go to the registration page then answer to the form questions (Warning: the username must contain a first name followed by a space then a last name (example: John Doe) (no obligation to enter your real name, this name will be the avatar's one)

Validate the e-mail address and finish the registration

After having validated the registration form, you will receive a validation e-mail. (Warning: if you do not see the e-mail in your in box, look inside the spam/junk box).
The link will send you to a page where you will need to enter the password you would like to have for the account and then select an avatar outfit (that you will be able to change when beeing connected in the virtual world).

Install the virtual world navigator

After the registration finished and your avatar selected, you will need to install a navigator allowing you to connect in the virtual world. There are several ones but we recommend you Firestorm. Click here to go to the Firestorm download page then select your operating system and download the version "For SL & Opensim". Then proceed to the installation.

Connect with the virtual world navigator

Open Firestorm and then select "FrancoGrid" in the list of the "Grids". Then, enter the firstname and the lastname (separated by a space) that you have entered during the registration and your password and click on "Log In". Et voilà...

More details


Before connecting you for the first time, validate your registration clicking on the link in the e-mail that you have received.

FrancoGrid is a persistant virtual world in 3 dimensions that needs a client software (viewer) to be able to log in.
You will find in the following pages some explications to connect yourself in the grid with different clients.

FrancoGrid is made from two entities : the web site and the virtual world.

The web site manages the registrations and the association and is linked to the virtual world.

To be able to connect in the virtual world, it is necessary to first Create an account using the web site.

Here are the steps allowing you to connect in the virtual world :

  • Create an account on the site (using the lingk "registration") (the registration will ask you a first name and a last name separated by a space)
  • After the registration on the web site, an e-mail is sent that is containing a validation link for the account.
  • After having clicked on the validation link, this one will send you to the web site and you will need to select two things :
    1. a password that will be the same for the web site and the virtual world.
    2. an avatar outfit (select an outfit in the list) that can be changed later when beeing in the virtual world.
  • Afer these steps finished, you need to install a "viewer" that will allow you to connect in the virtual world.

Here is the list of the viewers that we recommend : (actually, Firstorm is the most used and pay attention to select the version for Opensim).

The installation of the viewer is just a decompression of files so it is easy to install and uninstall (under mac, windows or linux).

The viewers contain a list of virtual worlds already configured depending on the case (FrancoGrid is already configured in Firestorm).

If you use Firestorm, you run it and select FrancoGrid in the list of the "grids" and then enter the firstname and lastname (separated by a space or a dot) then your password and click on the "Log In" button.

After few seconds, you would arrive on the FrancoGrid's "welcome region".

If you have never used OpenSimulator or SecondLife, see our tutorial to make your first steps.

See also the frequently asked questions page.

See also the page of the frequent problemes.

Connexion parameters

Some viewers are not already configured for FrancoGrid.

To be able to connect in FrancoGrid, your client software must be configured with the address of the grid ("loginuri") :


A list of tutorials approved by FrancoGrid, is on the following page :

Page of the tutorials.