Le Safari Final

Wednesday, 23 May, 2018 - 21:00

Venez nombreux au tout dernier HG Safari organisé par Thirza Ember!

Il aura lieu sur la région hgsafari (HG: hg.francogrid.org:hgsafari). Pour ce dernier grand évènement, 3 musiciens viendront jouer pour notre plus grand bonheur: Truelie Telling aka Ellen Olhsson, Whirli Placebo et Wolem Wobbbit.


Our final meetup
A chance to thank all the hosts of the Safari over the past four years, and compare notes on how much hg has changed over the years. Invite your friends! 
With three hours of Live music
Truelie Telling aka Ellen Olhsson
The much loved songstress opens the event with many of her opensim and SL inspired numbers
Whirli Placebo
Always a delight, whether he's playing original numbers or covers, he's outstanding, inimitable, and fun
Wolem Wobbbit
The first musician the Safari ever went to see in opensim, 4 years ago, on German Grid... Wolem will serenade our intrepid group for a final set.