• Fest'Avi 2017 travels in space time, with a new deadline (who cares) for more avatars to participate in the grande finale of its history.
    Fest'Avi began in 2014 and renewed each year.
    So far, 55 avatars were created, and given free in the metaverse.
    This is the good time to give an ultimate gift to the open source spirit and be creative, sharing an avatar for La Finale.
    Avatar: La Veuve - JadeYu Fhang
    Music: La Veuve - Cherry Manga

  • The grid was stopped on today.

    Actually, we do not know the reason of the failure.

    Everything should be fine now.

    Sorry for the inconvenients.

  • On today, a servers update is done.

    The grid and assets were updated on this morning.

    The simulators will be done on this afternoon.

  • The region owners can now purge their region from the grid's database from their region's list on their user profile on the web site.

  • You'll have to restart your simulators for your inventory assets recovery!
  • On today, we are suffering an harrassment on servers side.

    I do not have any ability to operate on the servers now except stopping the grid (what i have just done).

    I will try to have a look on tomorrow evening when i will be back home (tuesday)

  • Aloha, Samedi 17 juin à 21h00 sur la région Hublot.
    Musique de DJ MartOpetEr et visuels de Cherry Manga en direct de l'Entre-Pont à Nice.

  • Bonjour,

    Tous mes simulateurs sont coupés hormis Hublot jusqu'au 18 juin, merci de votre compréhension.

  • On today, the servers will be updated.

    Only the operating system will be updated and not OpenSimulator.

    Everything should be fine but we never know...

    So, some perturbations can happen momentarily.

    Everything should be finished around 10am (Paris).

  • We are proud to learn that OsGrid have choosen to use our scripts to manage their website.

    Some people having an account on FrancoGrid and OsGrid can see some similar options with FrancoGrid.

    When OsGrid have rebuilt their website, their administrators have decided to use d4os and to customize it.

    The users management, the online friends from the website, the trash emptier, etc... are coming from d4os.

    d4os is the website grid manager made for FrancoGrid in 2009 (Drupal modules collection).